Physical Therapy

hydrocollator heat massage

Hydrocollator unit, Heat therapy, Heat stone massage

Hydrocollator: Hot packs are a way of transferring heat to the patient by conduction. Commercial hot pack is the most common way to deliver superficial moist heat and the heating unit is called hydrocollator unit. There are different techniques to deliver heat including the use of hot packs, hot water baths, hot stone massage. Massage helps soothing your …

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total knee replacement

Total knee Replacement, TKR Procedure in Physiotherapy

What is TKR? Total knee replacement was first done in 1968. Total knee Replacement is a complex procedure which require an orthopedic surgeon to make correct measurements and skillfully remove diseased portions of bone to shape remaining bone to accommodate knee’s implant. The orthopedic surgeon replaces the diseased part of knee joint with an artificial …

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Knee joint Examination, Diagnosis

Chief complains in knee joint examination H/o presenting illness: In knee joint examination elaborate on his chief complaints. ADL: ability to walk , run , sit cross leg, use bicycle etc.      Examination of Knee joint: Negative H/O:  Pain in toe (gout), night cries (TB),/ trauma, /fever,/ bleeding diathesis./ ho of exposure( gonorrhea, reiter’s ), …

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Bone Fracture | Types of Fractures, Treatment

Types of Bone Fracture: Bone fracture are of different types each fracture varies from other one depending upon the cause of fracture, place of fracture and the bone involved. Bankart’s Fracture:  (Arthur Sydney Blundell Bankart) A Bankart lesion is an injury of the anterior (inferior) glenoid labrum of the shoulder due to anterior shoulder dislocation. …

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Fracture | Types and radiology of fracture

Fracture: Fracture is defined as break in a bone. If skin also gets punctured then it is known as compound fracture or open fracture. Types of fractures are discussed below: Hangman’s Fx. Colle’s Fx. Greenstick Fx. Cotton’s Fx. Dupuytren Fx. Essex-Lopresti Fx. Hill-Sachs Fx. Galeazzi Fx. Gosselin Fx. Duverney Fx. Holstein-Lewis Fx. Holdsworth Fx. Hume …

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GUILLAIN Barre syndrome

What is Guillain Barre Syndrome – diagnosis & treatment

What is Guillain barre syndrome? Guillain barre syndrome is an autoimmune disorder of the lower motor neuron. The Immune system starts damaging nerves. Neurons that control muscle movements are affected. The motor and sensory neurons are affected. So, the muscle weakness, paralysis and a sensation loss occur. The immune system starts attacking the peripheral nervous …

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Walking Aids devices In Physiotherapy

Walking Aids In Physiotherapy: Walking aids are devices which help functional independence of patients Ambulatory aids (eg, canes, crutches, walkers) are used to provide an extension of the upper extremities to help transmit body weight and provide support for the patient. Uses of Ambulatory Aids: These devices are mostly prescribed for below mentioned cases:• Pain • Muscle weakness • Problem …

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TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation)

Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation uses the low voltage electric current to relieve the pain. It is the battery powered device that produces the current through electrodes placed on the skin. The electrodes are placed on the trigger points where there is pain. TENS is the method of pain relief. It is not the permanent method …

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Introduction: stroke is a cerebrovascular Accident CVA is the sudden loss of neurological function caused by an interruption of the blood flow to the brain. Each year about 795,000 people in the USA have strokes and of these incidents, about 14000 people die. What is stroke: when there is a blockage in the blood supply …

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