Golfers Elbow Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Golfers Elbow:

  1. Causes of Golfer’s elbow
  2. Symptoms of Golfer’s elbow
  3. Test for Golfer’s elbow
  4. Exercises for Golfer’s elbow
  5. Treatment of Golfer’s elbow
Golfers elbow


Golfer’s Elbow which is also called as Medial epicondylitis. Golfers elbow is also called as Pitcher’s elbow. Epicondylitis or epicondylalgia (Kiel and Kaiser,2019) here exists. Scarcity of literature regarding medial epicondylitis due to its unusual occurrence of about 9.8% – 20% of all epicondylitis cases. It is most commonly an inflammatory process.(Ciccotti et al.,2004)


What is Golfer’s Elbow? What are the causes, symptoms, exercises, diagnostic tests and treatment for Golfer’s elbow or medial epicondylitis?

Causes of Golfers Elbow:

Golfer’s elbow can result from playing Archery,Bowling, Tennis, Javelin throwing, Golf and weightlifting.because of the high valgus forces they utilize while playing. Even though 90% of cases do not result from sports. Most of the cases comprise of labor intensive occupations like plumbing, carpentry and is more common in women then men.

Symptoms of Golfers Elbow:

Symptoms for golfer’s elbow are given below:

  • Pain and tenderness
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Tingling

Test for Golfers Elbow:

Patient is seated comfortably. Fingers flexed in the form of wrist. The Physiotherapist grasp the patient’s wrist and palpates the medial epicondyl and then passively supinates the forearm and extends elbow and wrist. Following tests are performed for Golfer’s elbow:

  • Ultrasound
  • Radiography
  • X-Ray

Exercises for Golfer’s Elbow:

Average duration of treatment about 6 weeks. Approximately number of physical therapy visits being 12.

  • exercise therapy
  • Wrist flexor stretching
  • Isotonic wrist flexor strengthening
  • Eccentric wrist flexor strengthening
  • Isolated eccentric training

Treatment for Golfer’s Elbow:

  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Mobilization
  • Autologous Blood injection
  • Low level laser therapy
  • Shockwave treatment
  • Ultrasound
  • Cross friction Massage
  • Heat therapy
  • Icing
  • Elbow stiffener Straps

Golfer’s elbow comprises of rigid stiffening strips with the result that elbow is firmly bra

ced at the time when golfer swings. It helps keeping the golfer’s elbow straight.(DeRogatis, 1913)


Golfer’s Elbow is an inflammatory process caused due to overuse of medial epicondyl. It can be treated as a result of performing wrist flexor strengthening and wrist flexor stretching exercises. Numbness, tingling, weakness, stiffness and pain can result in case of golfers elbow.


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