pregnancy: symptoms, stages, diet and exercise plans

what is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is basically a gestation period. It is basically a period of 38- 40 weeks. Pregnancy occurs due to successful implantation of fertilized egg in uterus of female body.

When sperm of male body fertilize to the egg of female body, female get pregnant. Egg is released from ovary of female body, called ovulation. Usually one egg is released per month during menstruation period. But in rare cases 2 eggs are released at one time. in this case after fertilization twins born. Chance of pregnancy is very high at the 14th day of women reproductive cycle. Because after 14th day the egg started to deteriorate so the chance of pregnancy diminished.

This fertilized egg reaches to the uterus or baby sac of the female body. Here the implantation occurs. As a result of successful implantation one or more embryos started to develop in female body. In first 10 weeks of pregnancy we call it embryo. After 3rd month up till the birth, it is called fetus.

how to get it?

Normal and natural way of pregnancy is by sexual relation. But now a days there is huge advancements in science and medicine. Now a days, implantation of embryo in uterus can takes place without sexual relation. To complete this process they take he egg of female body and sperm of male body. After successful fertilization, the next step is implantation of this fertilized egg in female body. Here embryo completes its nine months or more concisely 280 days. This method is known as in vitro fertilization. And the baby produced by this method is called test tube baby.

Symptoms: when they started?

Generally, the first and trigger sign of pregnancy is missing periods. After this you can be sure about pregnancy. But pregnancy test is ultimate source of 100 percent surety. But before the mensuration schedule you can observe many symptoms which assures about fertilization. Even after 5 days you can observe some symptoms like:

  1. nausea with or without vomiting
  2. mood swings
  3. bloating
  4. tendered or swollen breast
  5. increased urination
  6. extreme fatigue
  7. morning sickness

Stages of pregnancy

There are 3 stages of pregnancy period:

1.first trimester

The first 3 months are the most crucial months of pregnancy. During this period conception occurs. It means that sperm fertilized the egg. This fertilized egg travels the whole uterine tube, also called fallopian tube in female body, to the uterus. In uterus it develops to embryo and for baby development placenta formation also takes place in this trimester. This stage is most important and difficult stage. During this period body parts of your baby are in developing stage. Therefore there is very high chance of miscarriage. Most of the development disorder of child occurs during this stage.

Most commonly this period comes with much difficulty for mother. A lot of physical and emotional changes takes place during this period. Generally female reproductive system produces excessive pregnancy hormones. Due to hormones and other emotional factors a lot of changes takes place in female body. Bloating, tenderness of breasts and nausea makes much irritating situation for mother.

2.Second trimester

Usually this is from 4 to 6 months stage. This is honey moon stage. All undesirable and disturbing symptoms are almost finished. During this period baby bumps slowly starts. Baby movements or baby kicks starts in this stage. However some undesirable symptoms appear i.e. rough ligament pain, Braxton-Hick contraction, heart burn and mood swings.

3. third trimester

This this the last and important stage in pregnancy. Fetal baby movements are very normal during this stage. You should prepare for baby birth. During pregnancy you will observe increased vaginal discharge which is pretty normal. You can also observe yellowish liquid discharges from breasts, called colostrum. You should not pumping milk after that. Just you breast pads.

In this stage you should visit your doctor more frequently. Blood tests must be performed regularly. Blood tests help to monitor iron level. Also blood test ensure that you do not develop pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes. Your doctor can also recommend you about the booster vaccine against whooping cough. Basically in this way your child got passive immunity against whooping cough.

pregnancy health care tips

1. Educate yourself

First of all educate yourself properly. You have to know about all pregnancy care and pregnancy procedure thoroughly. You can visit a good gynecologist to get proper information.

2. parenteral care

You must take pre counselling session for mother or couple. In this session they will guide you about conception, mother and child care, pregnancy and test for proper health treatments.

3. Nutrition

This aspect is important for baby as well as mother. A good nutrition prevents pregnancy complications for mother. For proper development of baby a proper diet is very essential.

Vitamin rich foods like green and leafy vegetables are must be used. Vitamins essentially vitamin B9 or folic acid is important for proper nervous system development. These vegetables and fruits must be washed and pathogen free. These bacterial or viral pathogens can cause huge complications in birth.

DHA omega 3 is found in brain and retina. Naturally, breast mil contains DHA. A pregnant woman should consume DHA containing food. Pregnant women are counsel to consume mineral food. Eat more fish. But some mineral foods are not advised to take. Because mercury in mineral food can cause birth defects.

You must avoid alcohol and smoking strictly. It can cause health hazards. Pregnant lady should also avoid caffeine. Eat fiber containing food.

4. exercise

it is very important factor for physical fitness. You should maintain an ideal weight gain during pregnancy. If weight is increased irregularly than it can cause pregnancy complications. You should take regular exercise. By properly managing your exercise routine you can prevent C-section. You can also prevent other birth defects and pregnancy complications.


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