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Cardiac catheterization | indications, procedure

Cardiac catheterization: Cardiac catheterization Definition: This involves the insertion of a catheter into the heart via the femoral or radial artery or venous system, and manipulating it within the heart and great vessels to: Inject radiopaque contrast medium to image cardiac anatomy and blood flow. Perform angioplasty (ballooning and stenting), valvuloplasty (eg transcatheter aortic valve implantation  cardiac biopsies, transcatheter septal defect …

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Rehabilitation, Preventive & Socio-vocational Rehabilitation

WHAT IS REHABILITATION? Rehabilitation focuses on the existing capacities of the handicapped person, and brings him to the optimum level of his or her functional ability by the combined and coordinated use of medical, social, educational and vocational measures. It makes life for the handicapped individual more meaningful, more productive and therefore adds more life to …

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