reproductive system disease

male reproductive system diseases

Male Reproductive system Diseases

Diseases of Male Reproductive System: Male reproductive system diseases include: Prostate Cancer Testicular Cancer Enlarged Prostate or BPH Prostatitis Erectile dysfunction Male infertility Testosterone deficiency Undescended testicle Varicocele or dilated veins around testicle. Hydrocele or fluid around testicle Male Reproductive system Diseases 1.Prostate Cancer: In male reproductive system diseases prostate cancer occurs in prostate-small walnut shaped gland in …

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female reproductive system diseases

Female reproductive system diseases and Treatment

Female reproductive system diseases: Female reproductive system diseases are more complicated than male reproductive system diseases. Following is a list of diseases associated with female reproductive system: Endometriosis Uterine Fibroids Gynecologic cancer Interstitial cystitis Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID) Prolapsed uterus 1.Endometriosis: In female reproductive system diseases endometrial tissues flushes …

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